PPS / AARP Citizen’s Guides

PPS has produced a number of books focused on educating engaged citizens about various innovative transportation planning strategies as part of a three-part series produced by PPS’s “Building Community through Transportation” campaign and AARP’s “Livable Communities” initiative.  The books can be purchased as hard copies or accessed as a free PDF (on the same page.)

PPS GuidesStreets as Places outlines the potential of transforming streets to serve community goals through traffic calming, design measures, amenities, integration of transit and strategies for successful community involvement.
The Quiet Revolution in Transportation Planning: How Great Corridors Make Great Communities describes how planning transportation within the context of a larger corridor can benefit both mobility needs and community quality of life.


A Citizen’s Guide to Better Streets: How to Engage Your Transportation Agencyfocuses on the role of local transportation agencies in street design and outlines effective ways of interacting with transportation agencies.

The Placemaker’s Guide to Transportation is a series that helps citizens create vibrant streets and transit facilities in their communities. Each installment features a tool, concept, or resource that inspires engaged residents to think in new ways about their streets and neighborhoods.

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