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Glen Canyon Park in San Francisco contains both developed and natural areas. A volunteer citizen stewardship group, Friends of Glen Canyon Park (FGCP) was established by citizens of the four neighborhoods surrounding the park in 1886 to supplement city agency efforts in maintaining the Park. Recognizing that budgetary constraints force the City to direct most of their funding and attention to the developed areas of the Park, FGCP has chosen to focus on the 76 -acre natural section of the Park — the canyon itself. This entirely volunteer organization is working to educate park users about the natural communities in the canyon, to encourage stewardship, and to enhance the natural habitat potential of the park.

Volunteers in Glen Canyon Park

Friends of Glen Canyon Park is made up entirely of volunteers. All the activities of the group are organized by its officers, elected each year, and run out of their homes. The officers and several others, including professors from local universities run educational hikes and walk through the canyon, and volunteers are recruited for work parties. The work parties are held monthly to do various projects in the canyon, such as the removal of invasive plant species. They begin at nine a.m. on Saturdays and last two hours.

Volunteer Recruitment

The work parties tend to be small, from five to ten people, so recruitment is limited to flyers in the surrounding communities and a mention in a pamphlet distributed by the Yerba Buena Chapter of the California Plant Society listing opportunities to protect wildlife habitats. Because of the small scale of this organization, there is no intent to expand the recruitment.

Volunteer Training

The work parties are generally led by a scientist or someone who knows the ecology of the area. As each work party has a different focus, appropriate training is given to volunteers right before the work begins.

The Friends of Glen Canyon Park project was started in 1986. For more information, please contact:

Jean Conner

President, FGCP

45 Sussex Street

San Francisco, CA 94131


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