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Transit-Friendly Streets: Design and Traffic Management Strategies to Support Livable Communities

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This report, produced for the Transit Cooperative Research Program, addresses the connection between transit and streets, recognizing that the design and management of streets and traffic can and does impact the livability of communities.

The research includes five detailed case studies, representing different types of communities and settings with different traffic management and street design strategies, that demonstrate how and why transit was critical to improving livability and the function of the street. The case studies are highly transferable to other places in the United States because the concepts presented can be pursued regardless of location, type of transit service, or character of the commercial district. The cases present a range of budgets including short-term, small-scale efforts, as well as major capital program and long-term projects. Importantly, the cases describe how obstacles and barriers were overcome. The practical report will be useful to transit professionals, transportation planners, engineers, city officials, and local communities.

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