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A Citizens Guide To Better Street: How To Engage Your Transportation Agency

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This is a part of a three-part series:

  • A Citizen’s Guide to Better Streets: How to Engage Your Transportation Agency
  • Streets as Places: Using Streets to Rebuild Communities
  • Great Corridors, Great Communities: The Quiet Revolution in Transportation Planning

In 2008, PPS partnered with the American Association of Retired People (AARP) to publish three books on streets and transportation. The publications are a joint effort of PPS’s “Building Community Through” campaign, which seeks to transform transportation policies and practice that currently prioritize moving people and goods over creating walkable, healthy and sustainable places, and AARP’s “Livable Communities” initiative, which aims to ensure affordable and appropriate housing, supportive community features and services, and adequate mobility options for aging Americans. In conjunction with the series, PPS will present a series of webinars for AARP volunteers and the general public.

A Citizen’s Guide to Better Streets: How to Engage Your Transportation Agency, the first in the three-part series, focuses on the role of local transportation agencies in street design and outlines effective ways of interacting with transportation agencies.

This title is also available as a free pdf download.

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