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Juliet Kahne

Director of Events

Juliet produces Project for Public Spaces’ international conferences and leads all of our online educational engagements including trainings and webinars.

She is an urban geographer, and general lover of cities, who has always been fascinated by the concept of "place." Growing up in sprawling, car-centric Los Angeles, Juliet was always trying to understand what ingredients make for a healthy, functional, and inspiring city. She observed that good public spaces are a big part of that. 

Before Project for Public Spaces, Juliet lived in London for a decade, and obtained her doctorate at Kings College London where she focused on gentrification in historic neighborhoods. The opportunity to meet with concerned urban citizens from around the world combined with her experience creating content and programming inspired her to join our nonprofit in 2015.

Favorite City

"Right now, it's Paris. It’s bustling, yet, in an instant, you can feel up close and intimate with the charm, edge, and character of its human scale street life. Plus, the city’s obsession with food, wine, art, and fashion always attracts me."