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Josh Kent

Senior Design Lead

Josh has over twenty years of experience in landscape, urban, and information design. He seeks to engage and empower communities through beautiful, sustainable, sociable, and thoughtful design. At Project for Public Spaces, he holds various design and management roles across communications, marketing, and projects.

His lifelong curiosity in what makes communities strong, combined with a passion for design, first emerged through city explorations and long conversations with friends and family. Further travel, education, and work in the field have continued to feed this passion.

Over the years at Project for Public Spaces, Josh has participated in and led a range of innovative work ranging from place visioning, digital placemaking, communication and marketing material design, to web and graphic design across our websites.

After living in New York City and the Bay Area, Josh now calls Rhode Island home. These days, he can be found sharing time with his wife, two daughters, dog, local community, and extended family.

Favorite Public Space

"Over the decades, each of my many visits to Central Park has left a lasting impression, inspiring my understanding of parks and public spaces and their cumulative power."