COVID-19: The Recovery will Happen in Public Space
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Alina Bibisheva

Senior Associate, Design

Alina Bibisheva trained as an urban designer in Kazan, Moscow, and the Netherlands. With 8 years of practice, the scope of her experience falls between research and design, and ranges from programming public spaces to organizing architectural competitions, from creating waterfront strategies to art installations, exhibitions, and performances. Alina works to bring architectural and urban sociological research to a wider audience through both urban design and art.

Alina specializes in the design of unconventional community-oriented projects that integrate economic, cultural, social, political and architectural considerations. Alina developed this holistic approach during her research within an international and interdisciplinary team at the Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design (Moscow), where she completed a post-graduate program in urban research. This research on the urban impact of micro-retail phenomenon in Moscow, titled “Enough Retail,” was presented at the Moscow Urban Forum 2014, the world’s largest congress on urbanism.

Alina has supported the design of a number of projects at PPS, implementing community engagement-based research into project design as well as visual representations of the placemaking approach to public spaces. Her body of work is diverse at the urban scale, designing for improving a corner, neighborhood, city, or region. In the end she aims to strengthen the connection between people and the places they share.


M.A. Urban Design and Planning, Kazan State University of Architecture and Building Construction (2005-2011)

Post-Graduate Programme, Urban Routines, Moscow, Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design (2013-2014)

Thinking City Summer Programme, Urban Research, University of Amsterdam (2014)

COVID-19: The Recovery will Happen in Public Space