Every year, PPS travels all over the world in our mission to help communities improve their public spaces. In the last few weeks alone, we have been in Norway, Abu Dhabi, Hawaii, Vancouver, Alabama, Italy and Texas, among other places.

Interested in connecting with a PPS staff member in your city or town? Here’s a list of where a handful of our staff will be travelling in the coming weeks.

Fred Kent + Kathy Madden

Corpus Christi, TX: August 27-29

Waterfronts Synopsis Conference–Stavanger, Norway: September 15-17

Ethan Kent

Las Vegas, NV: July 20-22

Baltimore, MD: August 2-6

Aurash Khawarzad

ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers) Conference–Vancouver, Canada: August 8-11

Cynthia Nikitin

Pretoria and South Africa in general: July 25 to 31

Baltimore, MD: August 2-4

Moscow: August 6-20

Portland Oregon: Week of September 13

Edmonton Alberta, Alberta Museum Association conference: September 25

Gary Toth

Hunterdon County Rural Transit Awards Breakfast–Clinton, NJ: July 29th

CDC PHHS Block Grant Coordinators’ Summit–San Francisco, CA: August 16-18

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