Queen Street in Toronto, Ontario

Queen Street in Toronto, Ontario

The manifold benefits of walking–greater health and more vibrant communities chief among them–were explored recently at the fifth Ontario Walks Now (OWN) conference in Blind River, Ontario.  Cynthia Nikitin, PPS Vice President and chief Canadian liason, was on hand to deliver the keynote address.

Nikitin emphasized that in order to promote walking, there must first be destinations for people to walk to. “Make walking a safe and inviting choice,” she said. “This requires changes in our thinking and in our approach to urban planning.”

On a related note, PPS is pleased to be participating in the Walk 21 Conference this fall on October 7-9 in New York City. Held annually around the world, Walk 21 conferences gather policy makers and advocates to share research, best practices and guides for implementation of pro-walking strategies, as well as to provide a platform for discussion about walking and livable communities . The four themes for the New York conference are as follows:

Theme 1: Walkable communities are sustainable communities
Theme 2: Paved with gold: investing in the public realm for a successful city
Theme 3: There is more to walking than walking; design strategies for urban quality.
Theme 4: Fit cities: community design for active living

For more information, visit the Walk 21 website.

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