As an element of the Streets as Places campaign, a draft agenda has been created to:

  • Organize and align national and regional membership organizations with a similar interest in creating sustainable, vibrant communities
  • Pursue development of a common platform of federal transportation initiatives that support or complement Placemaking principles.

This agenda is focused on opportunities to collaborate with other movements such as smart growth, historic preservation, community development and environmental activism, among others. Our campaign can support the goals of these other movements by joining together around the cause and power of Placemaking.

The Streets as Places agenda also seeks to influence Congressional reauthorization of the federal transportation law, which funds state transportation assistance. The present law expires September 30, 2009 and must be reauthorized before that date or federal transportation assistance to states terminates. By targeting a “must pass” law, we have an opportunity to secure federal funding and policy support for community-based Placemaking programs.

PPS will seek cooperation with both (1) the T4America coalition partnership, which consists of organizations seeking to reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) through integration of transportation and land use planning, design and practice and (2) the broader reform coalition which, in addition to our platform priorities, seeks basic reforms in institutional governance, transportation program delivery and finance.

Transforming National Policy was last modified: March 6th, 2012 by Project for Public Spaces
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