PPS was instrumental in developing the Transportation and Livable Communities Consortium, a strategic collaboration among 18 national organizations in the public and private sectors, including the US DOT and EPA, working together to promote new approaches to street and transit facility planning and design that support communities.

Members include not only the major transportation organizations like AASHTO, APTA and ITE, but also key entities involved in other community improvement pursuits, such as community planning and design, economic development, environmental justice, housing, real estate and downtown and neighborhood revitalization. Recent activities have included training sessions at members’ conferences. PPS also is acting as the Consortium’s research arm and has completed two publications for this effort, both entitled How Transportation and Community Partnerships Are Shaping America: Part I – Transit Stops and Stations and Part II – Streets and Roads, with plans to produce more. Anticipated activities also include demonstration projects, a speakers’ bureau and an awards program.


  • American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
  • American Public Transport Association
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers
  • American Institute of Architects
  • American Public Works Association
  • Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations
  • International City/County Management Association
  • International Downtown Association
  • National Association of Home Builders
  • National Association of Counties
  • National Association of Regional Councils
  • National Neighborhood Coalition
  • Project for Public Spaces
  • Surface Transportation Policy Project
  • Urban Land Institute
  • U.S. Conference of Mayors
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • United States Department of Transportation
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