• Creating Community Places: An Antidote to Sprawl

    Looking for strategies to combat sprawl? Read about the PPS approach.

  • The Road Ahead: How context-sensitive solutions will change our streets

    PPS and the Federal Highway Administration are ushering in a new era of transportation planning.

  • Balancing Street Space for Pedestrians and Vehicles

    Suggested techniques to gauge the amount of street space needed by pedestrians and vehicles.

  • Transit-Friendly Streets

    Ways to achieve an equilibrium among street-users, including public transit, cars, bicycles, and pedestrians.

  • Traffic Calming 101

    An overview of the tools and techniques used to reduce traffic congestion, slow down vehicle speeds, and make streets safer for all users.

  • Mass Transit, or Mass Marketing?

    PPS partner Scenic America argues that the Washington DC Metro should not sell the visual and audio rights to the beautiful mass transit system to commercial advertisers.

  • How to Improve Streets

    PPS’s approach to streets.

  • How to Improve Transit

    PPS’s approach to transit.

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