Photo: Woonerf in Copenhagen, Denmark

The New York Times reports on ten progressive street designs that are challenging the traditional “street-curb-sidewalk motif,” which has defined so many streets in NYC and around the world by giving priority to automobiles. The ten designs are:

  1. Woonerfs
  2. Play Streets 
  3. Bicycle Boulevards  
  4. Pavement Hierarchy 
  5. Green Grid 
  6. Mental Speed Bumps
  7. Swaled Streets
  8. Lanescapes 
  9. Gentle Congestion 
  10. Urban Acupuncture

Ethan Kent, PPS Vice President, who has been involved with the NYC Streets Renaissance Campaign, remarks:

“Let’s go to the next level to create great streets that really draw the life of the communities they are meant to serve.”

Some of the transportation reforms, like the conversion of a parking lot to a public plaza in DUMBO, have been met with overwhelming community support, while other proposals stir mixed reactions.   

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