Bergen County’s transportation corridor

One of the most urban and highly developed of the NJ FIT projects, Route 17 in Bergen County faces the pressures of intense traffic congestion and high collision rates. The pressures on the communities in this area include population and employment increases, coupled with a landscape of well-established commerce and activity centers and old growth suburban residential concentrations. The transportation infrastructure has been unable to keep up with the demands of this flurry of growth and activity, not to mention the potential for new development as existing underutilized properties become prime candidates for redevelopment. There is a significant amount of local interest in having NJDOT widen Route 17.

The purpose of this study is to analyze the relationship between land use and the transportation system and will bring community perspectives to bear upon more sustainable options. This planning effort will take a comprehensive look at how to manage congestion, creating a long-term vision for how the highway relates to the communities it serves.

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