A mural of Blind River from the downtown area

Contributed by Mandy Johnson

On May 14th, Cynthia Nikitin of PPS keynoted the Ontarians Walking Now workshop in Blind River, Ontario. Shortly after the workshop, the Blind River attendees put together a plan to make a beautiful but desolate beach in a central part of the town one of ten great places to visit and walk to. The recommendation was taken to Town Council and accepted pending a budget review of the costs. A factor in the success of the proposal was the fact that five of the key decision makers, including the mayor, attended the OWN workshop and were so inspired by Cynthia’s message and the concept of “The Power of Ten.”

The proposal includes providing picnic benches (to be built by local students enrolled in a carpentry program), garbage cans, signage, washroom facilities and a stewardshp program to provide ongoing care and maintenance.

Blind River is a small picturesque town situated on the North Channel (atop of Lake Huron) mid-way between Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury. Ontarians Walking Now (OWN) is a project of Green Communities Canada with the goal of promoting the importance of walkable communties (www.canadawalks.ca) and providing community stakeholders with the motivation, tools, and resources to effect local change.

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