PPS organizes and leads a Placemaking process with students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders to identify issues, specific problems, and potential solutions related to creating a better campus environment.

On-site evaluation of existing uses and perceptions: PPS analyzes a range of activities and events occurring on campus with the goal of identifying general and specific uses for the public areas of the campus. We also focus on management issues such as maintenance, security and safety and levels of activity in order to create an environment in which people feel secure.

Community and Institutional Stakeholder Workshops: PPS facilitates workshops that bring members of the institution and people from adjacent communities (both public and private sectors) together to envision how the two areas can interface where the campus and edges of the community overlap. An important part of these workshops is an evaluation of how streets and sidewalks that lie between the campus and the adjacent neighborhood function as links between the two areas. Current and proposed land uses are assessed in terms of how the ground floor spaces impact public space uses.

Program development: The information from the workshops, along with interviews and observations of how public areas of the campus are used provides the basis for developing a program for the space which is presented in a written and graphic program. Recommendations generally concern areas such as plazas, courtyards, and other spaces along with amenities such as kiosks, seating types, as well as treatments for ground floor building facades.


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