The latest in urban planning, placemaking and civic action…

  • Missoula residents debate with the city’s Office of Planning and Grants over proposed rezoning of urban fringe area to increase housing density. [Missoulian]
  • Slowly healing New Orleans debates approval of legislation that would streamline the rebuilding process, taking the politics out of planning. [Forbes]
  • Bethlehem, PA outlines plans for giving the town a face lift that runs across the board from housing, to preservation, transportation, downtown revitalization, and on and on. [Brown and White]
  • San Francisco’s Planning Commission allows developers to build a property on The Embarcadero 40 feet higher than the zoning laws permit because of a LEED Platinum rating? [Planetizen]
  • High school students in Great Barrington, MA start an organic garden and feed the whole school, bring together the community, learn landscaping and gardening, and generally create a positive public space for the town. [Slow Food]
  • Montreal wins a spot on Time Magazine’s 50 best inventions of 2008 for its solar powered, construction-less bike sharing program. [Streets Blog]
  • New York City Council approves plans to redevelop industrial section of queens near Shea Stadium. Plans include affordable housing for 4,000 middle class familes. [City Room]

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