The latest in urban planning, placemaking, and citizen action:

  • Advocates in Flint, Michigan, fight to turn abandoned lots into thriving urban gardens.  [MLive]
  • 3D model reveals “unintended consequences” of Chicago city planning.  [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • More fresh produce for urban dwellers: New York’s Green Carts provide access in low-income neighborhoods… [New York Times]
  • … while “fruit foragers” collaborate to share garden bounties.  [New York TImes]
  • In Brazil, government constructs cinderblock walls to constrain favela neighborhoods.  [Wall Street Journal]
  • NYT columnist makes an ethical case against the Hummer and for new transit technologies.  [New York Times]
  • “Second Life” enables innovative community engagement in spatial planning.  [Metropolis]
  • Public transit and mixed-use projects invigorate city living in Texas, Denver, Los Angeles, and more.  [Planetizen, New York Times, Los Angeles Times]

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