The latest in urban planning, placemaking, and citizen action:

  • Making Abu Dhabi’s streets safer for pedestrians. [The National]
  • New Urbanism and adaptive reuse take hold in Nashville’s Gulch neighborhood. [New York Times]
  • What sort of planning makes for interesting walks?  Conor Friedersdorf argues against tranquility and for chaos: or as Holly Whyte would say, “What attracts people most … is other people.” [The Atlantic]
  • Bus rapid transit in Bogota eases traffic and reduces emissions: can other cities do the same? [New York Times]
  • In Chicagoland, African-American churches nourish body and soul with farmers’ markets. [Chicago Tribune]
  • In Seoul and Yonkers, “daylighting” waterways creates great places (and has environmental benefits). [New York Times]
  • President Obama and DOT Secretary LaHood on federal urban policy. [Streetsblog LA]
  • NYC pays tribute to Jane Jacobs’s original sidewalk. [New York Times]
  • Clean, well-maintained parks are a win-win situation. [Marietta Times]

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