The latest in urban planning, placemaking, and citizen action:

  • In praise of spontaneous expression: New Geography on Orlando’s street performer ban. [New Geography]
  • The cure for “cul-de-sac syndrome” involves walkable neighborhoods and planning around transit. [Huffington Post]
  • Placemaking for snakes!  Seattle’s Jose Rizal Park boasts a new public herpetarium. [Seattle Times]
  • Sonic art to soothe transit passengers at 96th Street MTA station. [New York Times]
  • Colin Ellard on getting lost, and finding our way. [Boston Globe]
  • Could Detroit be the first urban cycling utopia? [New York Times]
  • Driving a car into lower Manhattan costs $160 in negative externalities! [Reuters Felix Salmon Blog]
  • The importance of public art and placemaking for the future of Jackson Hole. [Examiner]
  • Meet Will Allen, pioneer of inner-city farming. [New York Times]
  • Mayor Bloomberg talks with Charlie Rose about NYC’s Green Initiative. [Charlie Rose]
  • Community and business thrive on Curitiba’s car-free streets. [Streetsblog]

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