The latest in urban planning, placemaking and citizen action:

  • Wisconsin farmers highlight the benefits of shopping locally… in case you weren’t sure. [Chicago Tribune]
  • The town of Hurlingham and Fulham in England hands over a popular community park to a private polo organization for the purpose of constructing a  private and exclusive polo field. [BBC and The Cowan Report]
  • Niagara Falls, NY is on the brink of passing a controversial new zoning regulation on increased building heights in an effort to encourage green building practices while at the same time rivaling neighboring Canadian high rises. [Buffalo News]
  • Public art in St. Paul and San Francisco installed on the sidewalk and in plazas. []
  • San Francisco creates incentives for developers to focus on areas around public transit in order to curb suburban sprawl and greenhouse gas emissions. [San Francisco Chronicle]
  • Slacklining, growing in popularity among rock climbers, meets resistance in parks and public spaces. [Examiner]

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