This week’s most intriguing stories about urban planning, public spaces and citizen action.

  •  Creating public spaces for “invited art” may successfully reduce unwanted graffiti [Grits for Breakfast]
  • Groundbreaking Urban Waterfront Revitalization Conference to be held in Washington State [Market Watch]
  • Activists around the world are turning to “guerrilla gardening” as a way to beautify abandoned public spaces [Green Me]
  • Permanent Breakfast, a project started in 1996 by artist Friedemann Derschmidt, organizes people to gather for breakfast in unlikely public spaces (medians, for example) to illicit public response [Urban Palimpsest]

  • The good and the bad of “instant downtowns” outside of Toronto [Spacing Toronto]

  • Suburban residents are lobbying for mixed-use and walkability in Arizona [Mercato Libero News]


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