The latest in urban planning, citizen action and placemaking…

  • Miami jumps on the bike friendly bandwagon with New York, Chicago and San Francisco [South Florida Adventures]
  • China begrudgingly agrees to adopt a more cooperative approach toward urban planning, relying on input from stakeholders [Free Articles]
  • Palmetto Bay, Fl opens its first farmers market last weekend. The market is specifically located to encourage pedestrian use of surrounding areas and promote connectivity. [Miami Herald]
  • California voters approve a proposition to build the nation’s first high speed rail system. The greener, faster, and cheaper mode of transport will take riders from San Francisco to LA in just 2 and 1/2 hours. [SF Gate]
  • Minneapolis residents win in a plan to turn an impound lot into a mixed use office and residential project [Planetizen]
  • Beijing launches the new Planning Exhibition Hall as a tribute to the city’s history and its new urban development plans [Touch Beijing]

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