Placemaking 101 for Young Leaders:
An Interactive Workshop on Creating Great Public Spaces

This invigorating Young Leaders Group workshop with Ethan Kent, Project Manager with Project for Public Spaces and “Young Leader,” will examine the state of Seattle’s public spaces. Small groups will identify “successful” public spaces in Seattle and those not performing to their potential. We will define challenges, identify potential improvements, brainstorm programs, and clarify next steps. Particular emphasis will be given to projects that can be accomplished in the short term as part of longer-range objectives. We will discuss strategies concerning how to implement changes.

To facilitate this process, Ethan will provide a presentation illustrating examples of what other cities and towns have done in contexts similar to Seattle’s. Presentation of visual examples that relate to our challenges provides a point of reference that stimulates discussion and kindles ideas.

Participants will leave this workshop with enhanced skills in what makes a public space work for the community. This workshop is intended as a stimulating introduction to placemaking and the beginning of a ULI Seattle YLG collaboration with Ethan and the Project for Public Spaces. This event takes place on April 27 in Seattle, WA.

Ethan is also presenting a second talk on April 27th sponsored by the Northwest Center for Livability titled “Placemaking: Why Planners and Designers Can’t Create Successful Public Spaces and How They Can.”

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