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      The NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) launched a program recently that will transform underused New York City streets into lively and social public plazas. The program calls for non-profit organizations to partner with the DOT to develop and maintain the plazas. The program is part of Mayor Bloomberg’s initiative to ensure that all New York City residents have a livable open space within a 10-minute walk from their home.

    The program is meant to improve quality of life for New York City residents by making walking spaces pleasant and attractive and by turning spaces that people now hurry to pass through into attractive destinations. The plazas will include features such as movable chairs, temporary art installations and event programming. They are also intended to give communities a say in the development of their neighborhoods and to revitalize businesses in the area.

    Compared to other major cities, New York has a relatively small amount green space per person. In New York, an area with 2.5 acres of park space per thousand people is considered well served by park space. Many New Yorkers, however, have access to as little as .09 acres per thousand people. The DOT Plaza Program will improve this ratio, and will give preference to communities in need of open space.

    The DOT encourages all types of non-profits with an interest in the program to apply for partnerships (applications can be found here).

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