Jay Walljasper

PPS Senior Fellow Jay Walljasper, author of The Great Neighborhood Book, is the editor of a new release titled All That We Share: A Field Guide to the Commons. In his new book, Jay discusses the commons — the things in life that belong to everyone, from water and wilderness to the internet and public spaces.  Once we realize that we are all “commoners,” each of us can shift our focus from “me” to “we” in order to better our own lives and those of others.

Showcasing first-person stories, cartoons, real-world examples, photographs and thoughtful analysis, All That We Share offers its readers practical steps for improving the collective well-being and brings to life the promise of the commons as a new social, political and community tool.  In a time when the economy is shaky, politics are volatile and people are wondering about their futures, this book offers a genuine measure of hope that people like us can make a difference around the world.

All That We Share has already received rave reviews from a number of publications and authors.  You can pick up a copy at The New Press website.

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