More Management & Communication Pieces

a. “Events Troubleshooting and Coordination:” Benefits of communicating with peers and neighbors, including legal and promotional departments, tenants, and the local police. Will include case studies from Chicago’s Kluczynski Bldg, as well as Phoenix’s O’Connor Bldg.

b. Committees and Councils: Delegating to get more done with less. Will include break-out case studies on Central Islip Courthouse’s Cultural Council, O’Connor Courthouse’s building committee, the Kluczynski Bldg.’s fax network, and Region 10’s Urban Advocate Program.

c. Primer on marketing and publicity : newsletters, brochures, tours, friends’ groups, marketing & press releases, internal communication, etc. – with links pointing to other content items as they are developed.

d. Excerpts from BOMA periodicals including Handbook of Property Management; What Office Tenants Want; Strategic Mapping Project

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