Dubai, United Arab Emirates (2007)

PPS is working with a new development project in Dubai, U.A.E., to develop public space design and program recommendations. The project is intended as a major new downtown district for Dubai.

Until now, development in Dubai has proceeded almost entirely without mind to regional integration or the provision of public space, and as a result, newer sections of Dubai lack social centers or a sense of place. Private spaces, like malls, hotels and fantastical entertainment palaces, have become ersatz Main Streets and plazas for a privileged subset of the population, while the working classes have been relegated to crowded residential compounds at the periphery of the sprawling city. PPS is proud to be involved in creating a real downtown neighborhood of a human scale and Dubai’s first transit-oriented development.

PPS’s work includes plans to create public waterfront destinations that will create the city’s first truly vibrant and eclectic waterfront outside Dubai Creek. It will incorporate restaurant esplanades, accessible hotel waterfronts, inclusion of an amphitheater, public marina access, waterfront markets and active parks.

In addition to leading the concept design of the public spaces, PPS benchmarked some of the world’s best public spaces to apply their lessons to the development.

This work is providing PPS with a unique opportunity to create a lasting impact in the fastest growing region in the world, at the location of an emerging social and economic crossroads.

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