Our buddies over at the always excellent Streetfilms have posted a new video about the incredible bike trail network in Minneapolis (100 miles of off-street paths!), focusing on the Midtown Greenway. This 5.7 mile path, which has been developed in phases over the last 10 years, has revitalized neighborhoods along the route. It’s also the fastest way to get through town.

State Senator S. Scott Dibble says the growth of the bike network has been “transformative” for the city: “To be able to get around on your bike gives you a connection to the place where you live that is very different than moving around in your car. You can see all people on the street, other bicyclists, you can see all the shops, all the houses — all the activity that’s going on, in a much more connected fashion.”

It’s a great example of building community through transportation.

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