The Frutivale Public Market was recently redeveloped due to lapses made by developers and local government who originally decided not to include community input when planning the original design. The current incarnation seems somewhat empty and fledgling, apparently due to the weak status of the economy during the market’s beginnings. When I stepped off the bus at the market I actually had to ask someone where it was.

Hot churros at the Fruitvale Market

Hot churros at the Fruitvale Market

The one cart and two or three stalls were completely overshadowed by our huge tour bus. I walked over and immediately jumped on the opportunity to purchase a hot, fresh churro which was, by the way, the best churro I have ever tasted in my limited experience. I parked myself on a bench in the sun after having already suffered the beginnings of what would become a healthy first of the season sunburn.

The view while waiting for the best tacos north of the border

The view while waiting for the best ice cream around

As I devoured my afternoon snack I began hearing raves about the small Mexican restaurant in the corner. One person even told me he’d just eaten the best Taco he’d ever tasted outside of Mexico. A bold statement, even in California. I’d say this market has some very promising beginnings. I would bet that before long, there won’t be a tour bus big enough to eclipse this gem.

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