All summer long, the space between Houston and East 1st St. in Manhattan — the temporary site of the BMW Guggenheim Lab — was alive with activities, programming, and debate about the nature of cities and what makes them work.

Discussing the future of the BMW Guggenheim Lab space, in that space on October 12. Photo: Ken Farmer

The whole time the lab was open, people in the neighborhood and around the city were dreaming and planning about what would happen to the space after the lab’s scheduled departure on Oct.16 (it’s headed next for Berlin, then Mumbai and six other cities around the world). On Oct. 12, PPS partnered with First Street Green, a local neighborhood group, to host an event at the lab that looked to the future of what was once a rat-infested vacant lot.

First Street Green was in the mix throughout the lab’s tenure in the space, and led a full day of programming in September that included a “visioning wall” where community members could share their ideas.

Now the visioning wall will be back on display at the first event scheduled for the space since the lab left town. First Street Green is hosting an event billed as a “Holiday Wrap Up” at what is now called the First Park Art Park on Saturday, Dec. 10, from 2-5 p.m. They’ll be presenting some of the data they collected at the lab and encouraging attendees to create a “wishing wall” by attaching strips of fabric with wishes on them to a chain-link fence at the site.

This is just a precursor to full-fledged events that will be happening next spring, but if you’re interested in building the future of this innovative urban space, you should definitely make time to be there.

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