The Nordic Urban Design Association (NUDA) has recently published a summary of the Waterfront Synopsis 2010 (WFS2010) Conference and Academy, co-hosted by NUDA and PPS, that took place September 15-17 in Stavanger, Norway. This book serves as a resource on waterfront planning and features international expertise on placemaking and sustainability for waterfronts.

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WFS2010 presented a unique view about how waterfronts could be developed in the future. Experts and practitioners from around the globe gathered to share their experiences, insights and ideas for a type of waterfront development that is broad based, community driven and organized around the simple idea of creating “places”.

WFS2010 brought together an amazing group from 11 countries including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, Scotland, Iceland, South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the United States.

Participants included environmental planners, urban designers, architects, government representatives, public space managers, psychologists, planning directors, transportation planners, tourism executives and students enriched the book with their skills and knowledge from many years of experience in making great public spaces.

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