These street decorations make a winter stroll around Paris a delight, and they won’t break the bank.  What can you do to make your city sparkle this holiday season?

Just because the temperature has dropped doesn’t mean that outdoor public spaces shouldn’t be utilized.  Storeowners and managers can use the sidewalk not only to display merchandise, but also to give patrons a reason for congregating and interacting outside.

Temporary hanging lights are a creative, cost-effective way to add holiday cheer to a busy avenue.

There are also a number of other simple approaches you can take to making your city or neighborhood a vibrant place during the winter, such as creative lighting and holiday-themed art installations.

Passersby admire these white pine trees, an easy way to spruce up a small plaza.

What do you love about your city in the winter, and what makes it a dynamic destination despite the colder weather?  Can you apply some of the methods Parisians use to your main street or local plaza?

To learn more about other ways to keep your city lively in the colder months, check out this article: Winter Cities Show Cold Weather Can Be Cool; and stay tuned for a post about some of our favorite holiday markets around the world.

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