PPS partner Transportation For America is a growing and diverse coalition focused on creating a national transportation program that will take America into the 21st century by building a modernized infrastructure to support healthy communities where people can live, work and play. This effort is centered primarily on influencing Congress’ reauthorization of federal transportation legislation in 2009.

On October 15, T4America will stage press events all around the country to coincide with the economic focus of the final Obama-McCain debate.  The coalition will call for the candidates to address the fact that our economy is suffering from falling home values, rising gas prices and economic fallout on Main Street, and that strategic investments in public transportation will immediately create jobs and spur economic development, as well as provide more affordable transportation options.  Like PPS, T4America believes that we need fundamental change in how America builds its communities, and a transportation system that will support and enhance them.

T4America asserts that:

  • Our future security, economic success, and personal as well as planetary health require us to reduce our dependence on oil
  • Everyone living in America — whether in its urban centers or rural heartland — deserves to have ample and affordable options for living and commuting
  • Families and individuals want to live in accessible, fair, and environmentally sustainable communities
  • Our government — federal, state and local — should spend our money in a way that addresses the needs of all citizens

Achievement of these critical goals relates directly to PPS’s Building Community through Transportation campaign, which aims to transform transportation policy, practice and design to support Placemaking and the creation of walkable, healthy and sustainable communities.

These press events will outline how new approaches to transportation investment can help build an America that provides us with a sustainable future.  We urge you all to tune into and support these events.

The New York City event will take place at 1pm outside of Grand Central Terminal at Vanderbilt.  Speakers will include Congressman Jerrald Nadler, MTA CEO and Executive Director Lee Sander, NYC DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and developer Jonathan Rose.

Please view T4A’s press release here for more information!


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