The 7th International Public Market Conference showcased the vital role markets play in reconnecting local economies and communities. The recent explosion in popularity of public markets and farmers markets is emblematic of people’s desire to regain control of their lives, communities and their local economies. Yet, we have not begun to tap their full potential. For this conference, PPS explored all the ramifications of how markets are providing access to healthy, safe food; revitalizing local neighborhoods through dynamic places; creating jobs by keeping dollars in the local economy; providing real opportunities for minorities and new immigrants; and creating more sustainable communities and regions.

First-class speakers from around the world were on hand to deliver lectures, workshops, and breakout sessions, and some 250 participants attended representing diverse fields such as market management, community organizing, healthcare, government and real-estate development.

San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area are known for a rich array of markets and a local and international population who patronize them year-round, indoors and out. The event took place in and around the area’s famous markets, public spaces and neighborhoods, enabling participants to see first hand the Ferry Building Marketplace and Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Along with stimulating workshops and networking opportunities, the conference featured tours of the area’s best markets and receptions featuring local and delicious foods and wines.

Workshops and Sessions
Market Tours

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