Through a grant from the EPA Office of Sustainable Communities’ Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities Program, the Livability Solutions coalition will be offering free technical assistance workshops for up to 12 communities around the US; applications are due by Friday, November 2nd. Livability Solutions is a coalition of professionals from 10 leading nonprofit organizations with deep experience in sustainable development. PPS is proud to be a part of this group, which is dedicated to helping communities around the country to put their planning priorities into action.

During one- to two-day workshops, Livability Solutions coalition members will work with selected communities to help them address a variety of challenges. Whether you are working to overcome a significant hurdle within a longer-term process, or  just starting to develop a plan for achieving a particular livability or sustainability goal, coalition members can help you to identify the tool or palette of tools that will best help your community to move forward. A short report will be prepared for each community following the technical assistance, and communities receiving technical assistance will be asked to follow up one month and nine months after receiving technical assistance to report on their progress toward objectives set during the assistance.

If you’re interested in learning more, or have questions about the program, click here to register for a webinar on October 10th that will provide an overview of the application process.

We’re looking forward to working with you and other members of the Livability Solutions coalition to help your community implement changes that will move them along the road towards smart growth and sustainability. To get started on your application, visit the Livability Solutions website today!



Please note that there are also two other organizations currently offering free technical assistance through the Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities Program:

  • Through a 3-day intensive visit and consultation, the technical experts on the Global Green team will evaluate how the sustainability of a specific neighborhood can be enhanced through an upcoming catalytic project by applying metrics from the LEED for Neighborhood Development rating system and developing actionable recommendations for our grant recipients.
  • Each year, Smart Growth America offers free assistance to local communities interested in building stronger local economies and creating great neighborhoods. These workshops will be awarded to a limited number of qualifying communities. Communities interested in receiving free technical assistance from SGA are invited to join our informational webinar on Thursday, September 27th at 2:00 pm EST.

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