The Congress for the New Urbanism has just published a list of the top ten aging elevated highways that are ripe for removal and redesign.  The removal of these highways could lead to revitalization movements in the cities and regions they currently occupy.

A large percentage of these highways are located in the northeast.

CNU, like PPS, advocates for replacing elevated highways with surface streets that connect destinations and promote walkability.

The top ten opportinities listed are:

1. Alaskan Way Viaduct, Seattle, WA

2. Sheridan Expressway, Bronx, NY

3. The Skyway and Route 5, Buffalo, NY

4. Route 34, New Haven, CT

5. Claiborne Expressway, New Orleans, LA

6. Interstate 81, Syracuse, NY

7. Interstate 64, Louisville, KY

8. Route 29, Trenton, NJ

9. Gardiner Expressway, Toronto, ON

10. 11th Street Bridges and the Southeast Freeway, Washington D.C.

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