We’re excited to announce that PPS has been chosen as a beneficiary of a week-long Earth Day fundraiser at Urban Outfitters, a store which carries clothing, accessories, books, and apartment wares for young women and men. Through Sunday, April 25, in all 140 participating stores throughout the country, Urban Outfitters will make a small donation to PPS for every person who declines to take a shopping bag with their purchase.

We plan to use this donation to support research on how to create multi-use destinations. These busy, vibrant squares, streets, markets, and waterfronts cluster uses together and reduce our dependency on transportation, opening the way to a greener future. Understanding why these places work (and what makes them fail) is the first step towards making cities everywhere more sustainable.

Earth Day Fundraiser with Urban Outfitters was last modified: March 6th, 2012 by Project for Public Spaces