“Critical success factors” are those factors all of which must be in place for a proposed program to succeed. The following have been identified by the Ad Hoc Riverfront Council as the critical success factors for the long-term operation of the Riverfront. These factors assume the completed construction of the fully-integrated Riverfront park system in Hartford aned East Hartford which is expected to be completed in 1998. The management and financing structure that is eventually proposed for the Riverfront, in addition to meeting these criteria, must also be a practical and achievable one — one that can secure the agreement of all the partners: the municipalities, a Regional Partner, the State of Connecticut and Riverfront Recapture, Inc.

  1. Entrepreneurial Approach. A management structure that supports an entrepreneurial operation with a strong marketing, promotion and fundraising capability.
  2. Unified Management. Management of the Riverfront as a single entity, on both  sides of the River and across town lines.
  3. Operating Authority. Carefully defined responsibility for and authority to operate the Riverfront — whatever the form of land ownership — including regulating hours, sub-leasing facilities, charging for certain uses, and generally establishing and enforcing rules and controlling operations.
  4. High Standards. The highest standards for maintenance, security and programming throughout all the Riverfront parks, as well as the highest standards for private development on land contiguous to the parks.


  1. Earned Income. A concessions and eventsprogram that maximizes earned income, generates a surplus, and recycles revenue to support the Riverfront.
  2. Charitable Income. A nonprofit fundraising capability that maximizes charitable income.
  3. Public Revenue/Support. A reliable stream(s) of public revenue from a regional or wider base to supplement support from the other two sources of income.
  4. Municipal In-Kind Services. Continued key supports from the Riverfront towns: dike and flood control operations, utilities, police, fire, and fee waivers for events.
  5. Start-up Capital. Start-up capital for both equipment and operations.

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