This past spring, at the inaugural meeting of the Placemaking Leadership Council in Detroit, we were honored by the presence of Rip Rapson, president of the Kresge Foundation, who gave an opening address that highlighted the reason we had chosen the Motor City for the first Council meeting. It is here, as Rip explains, that Placemaking is taking off, perhaps for the first time, as a transformational strategy not just for a single space or even a district, but for an entire city and region. Detroit’s focus on place is providing hope for the city’s future by empowering the people who make the city so rich with history and potential.

We’re thrilled, now, to be able to provide you with the full video of Rip’s talk. You can also click here to read the full text of his remarks, over on the Kresge Foundation’s website. And stay tuned for more news from Detroit in the coming weeks!

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