Laura Hanna and Gavin Browning recently released a short film (three minutes and change) on the notion of the Commons; the idea that resources and land belong to the general public as a community and that knowledge is a right, inherited from our predecessors and therefore should be accessible by all. Unfortunately, that is not the world we live in – at least not yet. According to the filmmakers, Governments control and sometimes mismanage land and resources and corporations sometimes hide away the rights to resources and knowledge for their own profit. Browning and Hanna’s film presents an eye opening perspective from the minds of respected Commons advocates on things that most of us are already somewhat aware of. Unfortunately many of us have become jaded to what we may have once thought of as unjust – how many of us have complained about the notion of private beaches? Anyone who has visited Lake Tahoe may have learned the hard way that it’s nearly impossible to get to the actual lake because virtually all of the waterfront perimeter is privately owned by corporations and people with massive pockets – and Lake Tahoe is surrounded almost entirely by (supposedly public) National Forest Land. But why should such a beautiful place belong to so few? Unfortunately, that is a common trend throughout our society. In a perfect world, and maybe in our heart of hearts, the idea of the Commons seems more like common sense.

Read more about The Commons at their website.

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