Paris’ most famous street has become a moo-ving thoroughfare.

In a stunning transformation of public space, nearly one mile of the Champs-Elysees has been converted into a urban farm with 8,000 green plots showcasing more than 150,000 plants, flowers and even fully-grown trees from across France. Cattle, sheep, goats and even the prized Lamousin pig were also in attendance.

The temporary farm was staged by the union representing young French farmers in an effort to draw attention to the growing agricultural crisis in France. Jolted by falling prices and the rising cost of production, the union is using the two-day event to raise awareness of the crisis as well as the importance of farming in general.

By shutting down the ten lane highway, the French are also sending a powerful message that streets are not just places for cars, but people (and plants and animals) too.

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