The Broadway Market, an historic indoor market that once served as a primary destination for shopping, now sits nearly empty for most of the year. It’s easy to see why. Surrounded by urban prairie and one of the highest crime rates in the country, a visit to the market is not necessarily an enticing trip.  Yet it remains THE destination for ethnic Polish cuisine at the Easter and Christmas holidays.  Ethnic heritage remains an important element of Buffalo’s narrative, and the newest generation of city-dwellers seem eager to include these customs in their adult lives. Unlike their parents and grandparents, who fled the city in search of suburban living, many young people have decided to make their homes downtown. It is this population who has the power to return the Broadway Market to its former glory.  Capitalizing on its sense of place seems like a good place to start.

broadway market

Fresh pierogis and kielbasa are popular items at Buffalo’s Broadway market

Currently, a task force working to revitalize the market is developing a plan to increase the Easter shopping season, as well as attract specialized vendors.

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