PPS has begun work with the Texas-based Appleseed Project, seeking to reform how and where mixed use developments are built.  Aiming to bring amenities to existing communities and reduce reliance on the automobile, businessman Brett Sheldon has plans to build smaller-scale mixed use complexes to areas already populated with housing.  The developments will provide an unconventional mix of uses that is intended to create a place for the community to gather and informally interact with their neighbors.

Appleseed projects, the first of which is slated for McKinney, Texas, will be located at an intersection of two well-traveled arterials. Its focus will be a multi-purpose plaza and a family restaurant with outdoor dining, rather than the sea of parking usually found at malls and shopping complexes.  The plaza will be available to the community for a wide-range of programs that respond to their needs – everything from farmers markets to small performances and community events.  It will also offer permanent attractions such as a play area, fountain or water feature and game tables.  The small complex will be managed by a well-trained team that will work with a local steering committee to create a lively program of home-grown events.

Retail and business space will be used for local mom-and-pop shops and small businesses, adding to local vitality and providing residents with walkable options for entertainment, dining and employment. The developments will also provide small, incubator-type office space so that local residents can work close to home.

PPS will be working with the community to develop the program for the prototype in McKinney.  Seven more Appleseed projects are slated for the suburbs of Fort Worth and Dallas in the next few years.


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