The articles and guides in this section are great resources from other websites. You may find these tips and tools useful in your effort to transform your civic space.

10 Steps to Creating Pedestrian Cities
Metropolis Magazine

“Transform the city from a car-oriented place to a people-friendly one.” Copenhagen has done just that through numerous small actions over a 40-year period. This article, one of “21 Great Design Ideas for the 21st Century,” summarizes them.

Best Practices Database
U.S. Conference of Mayors

A database of success stories, searchable by keyword.

Building Security Through Design: A Resource Center
The American Institute of Architects

A collection of catalogs, guidelines, articles, and links intended to help architects, engineers, and building owners create safer (and more secure) structures.

Community Organization and Urban Democracy
Civil Practices Network

Essays and studies about grass-roots organizing and coalition-building, including congregation-based efforts, neighborhood associations, and citizens’ groups.

Denver’s Federal Plaza: Placemaking in Progress
General Services Adminstration

Aesthetic touches and community outreach help Denver federal buildings change their image from “fortress” to “friendly” — without compromising security.

Establishing Attractive Security and Pedestrian Areas
Transportation Alternatives

This how-to guide focuses on Lower Manhattan – but the basic principles and methods apply to any number of situations.

Federal Spaces/Civic Places
Urban Development/Good Neighbor Program, GSA

Detailed examinations of three cities where the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has partnered with local organizations to bring neglected public spaces back to life.

Fort Worth: Building a Civic Square
Urban Development/Good Neighbor Program, GSA

A case study about how city planners, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), civic leaders, and local property owners have joined forces to create a new civic square in Fort Worth, TX.

Measuring the Competition
Metropolis Magazine
Architectural competitions have a bad rap – and for good reason, many say. This article dissects the competition process for a new media museum in New York City, revealing many benefits, not a few pitfalls, and much of what it takes to succeed.

Power of Place
Metropolis Magazine

A public-school library in Queens, New York shows how design can transform a community in need.

Public Buildings: American Images
Planning Commissioners Journal

A trove of pictures of historic civic structures, including courthouses, libraries, post offices, and schools.

Public Buildings Should Set the Standard

An excerpt regarding the importance of keeping local and federal buildings downtown. The full article is available for a fee.

Saratoga Springs Preserves a Post Office, Builds a Library

An excerpt detailing how local citizens found a novel way to retain and repair their historic post office. The full article is available for a fee.

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