Design makes a difference. The way a building interacts with surrounding streets, spaces, and structures is critical to its success, as well as that the success of the surrounding area. Whether you’re involved with the design of a new project, renovations to an older building, or the management of an existing property, a basic understanding about the impact of architecture and site planning can go a long way in helping make a better building.

In addition to the features below, this section will include articles, toolkits, and case studies on architecture and site planning principles that can assist you in making better buildings, better places, and better communities.

Building Security Through Design: A Resource Center
A collection of catalogs, guidelines, articles, and links intended to help architects, engineers, and building owners create safer (and more secure) structures.
The American Institute of Architects

Measuring the Competition
Architectural competitions have a bad rap – and for good reason, many say. This article dissects the competition process for a new media museum in New York City, revealing many benefits, not a few pitfalls, and much of what it takes to succeed.
Metropolis Magazine

Power of Place
A public-school library in Queens, New York shows how design can transform a community in need.
Metropolis Magazine

Public Buildings: American Images
A trove of pictures of historic civic structures, including courthouses, libraries, post offices, and schools.
Planning Commissioners Journal

What Makes A Better Building?
Coming Soon! Buildings have a direct relationship with the streets around them. This slideshow illustrates how entrances and the lower floors of a building can complement their surroundings and create – or discourage – activity at the street level.
Project for Public Spaces

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