June 9, 2003
Teams Prepare for Experiment at Main Street Intersection

Littleton High School students and community leaders met last week at
The Coffee Pot restaurant to put pencil to paper. Their collective goal:
draw up specific recommendations on how the intersection of Main and Pleasant
Streets might be made better. The meeting followed several “place-making”
visits to the site, in which residents and businessowners looked at what
they liked about the intersection and what might be lacking.

At last week’s session, the students met with Selectman Burt Ingerson,
Public Works Director Larry Jackson, Littleton Main Street Executive Director
Ruth Taylor, Economic Development Coordinator Don Jutton and business-owner
Jere Eames, to sketch out how the intersection might be altered to boost
functionality, attractiveness and safety.

Working in four teams, the groups discussed a variety of changes, including
squaring off the intersection so the streets are perpendicular, and adding
an island to increase safety. The teams also suggested adding plantings
and benches in a widened sidewalk area, testing traffic management tools
to minimize back-ups, and placing a mural on the side of the theater.

Cathy Conway, project manager for a multi-year street improvement and
reconstruction project in Littleton, is taking the recommendations and
formulating plans. These will be reviewed by the state Department of Transportation
and will serve as the basis for physical experiments at the site, using
temporary materials.

Students taking part in the session were Annie Bortchell, Josh Foster,
Travis Glines, Billy Rothney, Athena Simpson and Erin Toney. For more
information on the project, call 444-3996, ext. 50, or visit www.pps.org/littleton.
Travis Glines shares his team’s ideas (Larry Jackson and Don Jutton in background).

Jere Eames describes ideas for improving Main & Pleasant Streets intersection.

Littleton High School students and community leaders meet to formulate plans for improving intersection of Main & Pleasant Streets.

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