The Key to Safe Streets: Five Cities Humanizing Street Design

The Placemaking Roundup: An Agenda for Change

Aug 14, 2013
Dec 14, 2017

On the opening morning of the Placemaking Leadership Council inaugural meeting, 13 PLC members gave brief remarks, accompanied by a single image, on work that they have done to change a place or further the field of Placemaking.

The Placemaking Roundup gave meeting participants a glimpse into the diverse range of projects that their fellow PLC members are involved in, and set the stage for 2 days of inspiring conversation in Detroit.


Nupur Chaudhury

Brownsville Partnership “Residents and communities within the neighborhoods we work in have all the answers, all we have to do is ask.”

Marco Li Mandri

Little Italy Association “People walk around 4 feet a second...our goal has always been to have them walk around 1 foot a second, we want them to slow down.”

Fred Broughton

South Carolina Department of Agriculture “They were operating with the knowns and they didn't want to trust the unknowns.”

Andre Leroux

Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance “We want the people who live in these communities to be determining its future.”

Marcello Corbo

Urban Development “When everyone feels that their involvement was key to [the project] these things get off the ground and become reality.”

Jeniffer Heemann

Curativos Urbanos “Now we want to transform our sidewalks in Brazil, not only into sidewalks where you can walk, but into sidewalks where you can live.”

Chuck Wolfe

Urbanism Without Effort “I've become somewhat of a harsh critic of those who might dictate trendy fads and not allow people to think for themselves."

Tim Tompkins

Times Square Alliance “This little bit of money, this little bit of effort, shifted the way people talked about Times Square and shifted the way it was used.”

Jun-Li Wang

Springboard for the Arts “If you are looking for out of the box thinking, then you need an artist. They might not know there is a box.”

Lisa Hogarty

Harvard University “We put food trucks out there and all of a sudden the scientists started to come out of their laboratories.”

David Burney

Pratt Institute “We set about trying to create a degree program in's 375 credits and it will take them about 17 years to graduate.”

Prema Katari Gupta

University City District Philadelphia “It feels like an incredible luxury to have experimented over a year and a half and see what works and see what didn’t work.”

Dr. Katherine Loflin

Loflin Consulting “What we're discovering is that one of the key components behind a place's success, versus a place's failure, is attachment to that place.”

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The Key to Safe Streets: Five Cities Humanizing Street Design