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The Placemaker's Guide to Transportation: The Power of 10

Tom Peyton
Jul 21, 2010
Jan 8, 2018

We are pleased to introduce a new series, "The Placemaker's Guide to Transportation," which helps citizens create vibrant streets and transit facilities in their communities. Each installment will feature a tool, concept, or resource that inspires engaged residents to think in new ways about their streets and neighborhoods.

The Power of 10

The Power of 10 creates a simple but profound benchmark for a place, neighborhood, and city: A great place needs to have at least 10 things to do in it or 10 reasons to be there; a great neighborhood needs at least 10 great places; and a great city needs at least 10 great neighborhoods. Streets and transit stops always hold the potential to become places with 10 things to do.

‍A concert brings excitement to this train station in New Jersey.

The more there is to do on a given block or corridor, the more that people will want to spend time there.  The Power of 10 is a great way to assess your local streets and neighborhoods and can be easily utilized by anyone interested in improving where they live.

For further info, check out Placemaking Chicago's description of the Power of 10.

‍A diagram of 10 things to do in locations throughout Chicago, from the Placemaking Chicago campaign.
Tom Peyton
Tom Peyton
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COVID-19: The Recovery will Happen in Public Space