The Key to Safe Streets: Five Cities Humanizing Street Design

Place-Making: Sustainable Tourism Development Forum - October 25, 2007

Dec 31, 2008
Dec 14, 2017

Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA

The Blackstone Valley Tourism Council's Sustainable Tourism Planning and Development Laboratory will be hosting this year's conference: Place-Making - Sustainable Tourism Development Forum Programs, Techniques and Practices for Your Organization

PPS Vice President Ethan Kent will be presenting on the topic Creating Sustaining Destinations Through Place-making

Presenter: Sustainable Tourism Lab The Sustainable Tourism Lab is a tourism planning and development project based in the Blackstone Valley of Rhode Island. It focuses on place-based tourism through an education platform concerned with supporting whole communities through creative and innovative sustainable geo-tourism development practices. Though the Blackstone Valley is its primary study area, it is also home to a global network of members seeking to understand and apply new approaches to sustainable tourism.

Place-making Through Tourism Development Place-making views economic development in a whole community context therefore thoughtful economic development takes responsibility for the quality-of-place to be attractive to residents, investors and visitors.

Tourism is a key component to development of a whole community. It should play a crucial role in advancing progress in a community. Whole places are full-of-life, diverse and distinctive in their builtform, natural environment and social networks; empowering of their residents; transit and digitally connected, water and energy efficient; and disaster resilient.

Thoughtful tourism development enhances a place by differentiating it from other places/destinations using its cultural, natural, historical, human, educational and built resources.

An Interactive Forum The day will be packed with interactive presentations, workshops, dialogs and the development of usable concepts. The cost is $35 per person (includes all materials and lunch.

For more information or to register online, visit the conference website or call the Forum Organizer, Lilly Kayamba, at 401-724-2200.

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